What Makes a Pepper?


Tori Marsack - Pepperish Studio

SCAD Alumni 2018
-Visual Story Teller
-Animal Petting Enthusiast


Nothing is ever as it seems.

I constantly challenge myself as a visual storyteller to innovate new ways to depict everyday animals and objects as something whimsical yet relatable, and even take my subjects into the territory of pure fantasy. 

When I draw, each and every detail I include is part of a story. The fantastical creature in its own world, and the whimsical world that develops a character—this is my passion that I live every day.

Take a peek into my process in developing characters! 

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Digital Painting |   Creature Design |   Character Props

Adobe Photoshop |  Adobe Illustrator
Word |   PowerPoint |   Excel

Work (2017- Current) | Creator, Production Manager, Concept Artist
Freelance (2014 - Current)
Photo Technician at Walgreens (2014- Current)

* "Define Divinity" on show at Cameron Art Museum. (Oct 2017-July 2018)
Exibit: State of the Art, Art of the State
Wilmington, NC